The weave approach...

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Our research designs are driven entirely by your needs.


This could mean that we propose carrying out no new primary research, but that we undertake an interrogation and synthesis of existing primary and secondary research data; or we might propose a multi-stage, multi-country, multi-methodology study. In reality, our solution for you is likely to be somewhere in between – so please get in touch to see how we’d approach your next project! projects


At weave, we use our extensive combined experience to design thoughtful, efficient and effective solutions. Throughout each project we iterate and develop the approach with you, as necessary, to ensure we arrive at the most appropriate outcome for you.


Whether you need a straightforward ‘field and tab’ approach or everything from delivery through to implementation and activation within your organisation, we’d be delighted to help. We’d love to talk to you about how we could work with you – just get in touch using the button below. pricing

With weave you’re only paying for our experience. We outsource fieldwork and data analysis to trusted partners and pass these on to you at cost. We have no fixed office space so our overheads are minimal. This means we can offer you the best value for your budget.